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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Understated and androgynous are two key words that come to mind when styling items in a minimalist fashion. Structure is integral and architectural shapes should never go amiss. Despite their simplicity, these factors should never be overlooked or downplayed. 

Structured Trousers.

Wide trousers (iii)

Tailored trousers (I)

Untitled #136

  • Savile Row tailoring has a huge influence on every minimalist look. This longline waistcoat embodies the glamour of women in mens tailoring. Paired with leather slip ons or mules and simple accessories, a determined look, in pursuit of luxury, is born.
  • Pool slides, duster coats and Nike socks played came to the forefront of "alternative fashion" this summer. Despite this, I don't think that they should ever drop off of the radar. In all of their irony and awkwardness- they're fast on their way to becoming minimalist year-round staples. Add a fur collar and some white leather to texturise.
  • As of late, I've found that there's an terrible amount of boyish charm to be found in a pairing of trainers and tailored trousers. It's like introducing an Upper-East-Side squire to a high school sports-fiend... it totally shouldn't work, but oddly enough, I think it does.

Boyfriend Jeans.


  • There's a certain rock-glamour-Roxy-girl vibe about Kate Moss, and the way that long fur works with denim embodies just this. With sides of Chanel, structured leather, cat-eye glasses and coffee- boyfriend jeans make for the perfect off-duty staple.
  • Mayfair and denim can work together, when styled with camel coats and black polo necks. Play around with lengths, such as bringing turn-ups way above the ankle, and offsetting this with mannish footwear.
  • Acne sweaters and slouchy denim go hand-in-hand. Whether elevated by a platform boot or worn in a relaxed fashion, these are everyday-errand staples. 

Wide-Leg and Tailored Trousers.
Wide trousers (I)

Wide trousers (ii)
Wide trousers (iv)

Untitled #137

  • As touched upon in a past postneutral colours could help you along the way when experimenting with new shapes. Think loungewear luxe turned Grace Coddington. Add slip ons and try to minimise baggage for a statement everyday-comfort outfit.
  • Give into the temptation to over-compromise for the simplicity of a plain white T. Use the simplicity of the top half as an excuse to add copious amounts of volume to the bottom half, and wild sides of texture.
  • Stretch beyond the stereotypical "converse, jeans and sweater", by swapping tight denim for structured linen or silk. Raise the bar by coupling the look with a structured bag full of aesthetically pleasing essentials.
  • Beatnik staples of horn-rimmed glasses and berets no-longer need to be paired with black polo necks and skinny jeans to be part of "the uniform". Stretch further afield with black structured leather, pocketed knits and heavy jewellery and shoes. Carry nothing with you, but the air of nonchalance and jazz-funded-intellect.

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Diamonds and emeralds, enveloped in weighty gold have long been by signature pieces. I've seen the leaves flourish and then fall many times since I first began to wear the statement items that are now merely an extension of my own fingertips. I fell in love with these new chiming, heavy hands of mine, and never thought that I would experiment with other types of jewellery, until I found Nikki's pieces, of course.

As most of you will know by now, I've had experience working in the "bespoke" sphere. What makes these pieces so personal and beautiful is the fact that they're hand crafted out of precious metals, and made to size. For this reason,  Nikki's store is a store with integrity. Although each item is unique, it is just as beautiful as the next.

How I Style Silver Rings.

Masculine take on simplicity.

Untitled #130

Nikki Stark

In Detail

The process of selection from http://nikkistarkjewellery.co.uk was simple, and Nikki herself gave me some wonderful recommendations, and suggested some pieces that would compliment each other.
I didn't realise quite how essential these pieces are to any minimalist wardrobe. A visit to Nikki's site is a must-do!

I'm wearing:

Sterling Silver Band
Sterling Silver Skinny Hammered Ring
Sterling Silver Hammered Ring (in a heavier weight)

All pieces are made to my ring size.

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mood Board Of The Moment.

Oversized and structured coats, Céline hair tucks, polo neck sweaters, funnel necks, well-made sunglasses, canvas tote bags, precious metal jewellery, rich fabrics, slip on shoes, pashminas and cashmere scarves, throws and blankets.

Be earnest, be genuine. 
This season, I feel that it's time to ditch the pleather, acrylic wool, faux fur and man-made materials, and opt for the quality of the originals.
As much as I can applaud the high-street for emulating the cuts and styles of the high fashion world, there is no impact more powerful than that of high-quality material, which can only be sourced directly.

Pieces from the vintage market and exclusive or bespoke designers come into their element during the colder months.

Contrast is key:

mist vs. clean architecture 
high necks vs. shortened hair
dainty jewellery vs. masculine tailoring
big hair vs. minimal make up
skinny trousers vs. an oversized silhouette.

Playing with textures, proportions and weights adds a new dimension to any minimalist ensemble. 

Ciao for now, 

Ronnie x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


From the trees fall cascades of rich burnt orange leaves, and cushiony moss rests upon their boughs.
White paint peels and the clouds transition from light grey, to dark grey, to darker grey to ink.
Even the birdsong commences a little later, and the evergreen that usually loiters in the shadows appears to  in the open.

Baby Pink

It's time to state that colour can be minimalistic, so long as it's styled well. Being an unapologetic monochrome fan, as well as a timeless item collector, when playing with colour, it's always fun to switch it up a bit.

Take this baby pink, for instance, which was seen on catwalks such as Ralph Lauren and Jil Sander and Nina Ricci. Somewhere between a garish hue and a powdered down nude, it could be perceived to be a very feminine colour. In order to counterbalance this and to stop it from becoming too Barbie-Moschino, I've taken to choosing boyish or sports-esque items. These oversized sweats that Acne does so well, or these masculine slip on shoes balance the look well. By keeping the items cleanly cut and simplistic, the colour seems fuss-free and uncomplicated when incorporating it into one's wardrobe

baby pink
Shop this look on my Polyvore
Styled here on the Céline fall 2013 catwalk.


This is what I would call a "play-around shade". Because of it's effortless and unchallenging properties, it makes it the perfect shade to use when experimenting with shape, length and texture. I'm naturally drawn to statement textures such as plc, suede and fur when addressing grey items. If these intrepid materials are not to your taste, you could choose to play around with fine knits, chunky knits, jerseys, felts, meshes or leathers within the grey family. 

Shop this look on my Polyvore

Seen styled here on Kate Moss and on the Ralph Lauren F/W '14 catwalk.
Pink and grey seen styled on the Céline catwalk.


Tortoiseshell seems to be an obvious autumnal choice for me, as it's lucid mottles and warm tones emulate those of the natural world around us. There's a luxury that only comes attached to real tortoiseshell, however, it's replicated pretty well in some of the items below. The glossy, glazed finish adds dimension to any look, and can be uplifted from heavy, rich and aristocratic, to art-student-chic very easily. Take these chunky sandals as an excellent example. Paired with heavy framed sunglasses and a simple clutch, they pull a look together, leaving it dripping in liquid sheen of bronzed wealth. Feel free to look further afield, and have a play with porcelain, pvc, leather, lacquer, suede, plastic and exotics in this timeless manifestation of opulence and prosperity.


You can shop this look on my Polyvore

As seen:
  • Tory Burch (tortoiseshell trim bag) A/W 12
  • House of Holland (shoes) 13-14
  • Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten (glasses)

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Long ambles and clandestine evenings. 
Damp and visible breaths.
Silent and resplendent air.
Numbing fingers, yet having the feeling restored by a comforting take away coffee.

Autumn- my most cherished season, where layers are aplenty and peeling paint and damp, mossy window ledges frame everybody's view.


When having to rise in darkness, one yearns for the condolence of one's warm bed and blankets. 
Rid oneself of this longing, and begin to blanket dress.
Effortless (literally), easy (absolutely), stylish (of course) and pulled together (if you fancy.)
Nothing beats the nonchalance of a structured blanket, constructed from a rich fabric.

Here are a few outfits that I've pieced together.

Blanket dressing (ii)
There are many ways of blanket dressing, and there are many positives to it , aside from the obvious ease.
It's an easy way to play with colour, without letting it be too overpowering.
Despite the mature concept of a luxuriously made cape, it's fun element can be brought out with the help of some trainers. These Pierre Hardy fur-trim sneakers are the ultimate runway trainer. Alternatively, the look can be brought together with a sleek pair of chelsea boots.
When beginning with a simple canvas of basics and neutrals, the look is uplifted and appears to be more expensive, as well as giving you room to experiment with texture, shape and colour.

Blanket Dressing (i)
This form of blanket dressing, as demonstrated wonderfully by Stella McCartney could be regarded as being more subtle.
The drapery is still the main focus, but the cropped length can make teaming your 'blanket' outerwear with longer, winder skirts more flattering.
To elongate the legs and lengthen the silhouette, these simple heeled boots are ideal, and when paired with a small white bag and a synched-in waist, the 'blanket dressing' trend is made all the more feminine and flattering.

Blanket dressing (iii)
This is one of my favourite looks. The structure and simplicity of the items work meticulously together, to give an air of co-ordinating and luxury.
 This neutral grey blanket looks fabulous draped over a short jumper dress, and these thigh-high boots spell out "high fashion" pretty clearly.
 The minimal black bag and leather pouch add a wonderful quality. When styling neutrals, you become all the more aware of the fabrics and materials. A good material lifts the look up to the next level.
What is wonderful about this outfit is that despite it's boyish sense of disregard and undeniable luxurious quality, it is much more affordable than the previous outfits, with the alpaca  dress setting one back only £19.
blanket dressing (selection)
You can shop all of these blankets and looks on my Polyvore:@ronnieangelpope
High end // low end // casual // formal

Autumnal Days.

by ronnieangelpope 

Feel free to shop these looks on Polyvore (linked above).

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x
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