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Tuesday, 21 October 2014


From the trees fall cascades of rich burnt orange leaves, and cushiony moss rests upon their boughs.
White paint peels and the clouds transition from light grey, to dark grey, to darker grey to ink.
Even the birdsong commences a little later, and the evergreen that usually loiters in the shadows appears to  in the open.

Baby Pink

It's time to state that colour can be minimalistic, so long as it's styled well. Being an unapologetic monochrome fan, as well as a timeless item collector, when playing with colour, it's always fun to switch it up a bit.

Take this baby pink, for instance, which was seen on catwalks such as Ralph Lauren and Jil Sander and Nina Ricci. Somewhere between a garish hue and a powdered down nude, it could be perceived to be a very feminine colour. In order to counterbalance this and to stop it from becoming too Barbie-Moschino, I've taken to choosing boyish or sports-esque items. These oversized sweats that Acne does so well, or these masculine slip on shoes balance the look well. By keeping the items cleanly cut and simplistic, the colour seems fuss-free and uncomplicated when incorporating it into one's wardrobe

baby pink
Shop this look on my Polyvore
Styled here on the Céline fall 2013 catwalk.


This is what I would call a "play-around shade". Because of it's effortless and unchallenging properties, it makes it the perfect shade to use when experimenting with shape, length and texture. I'm naturally drawn to statement textures such as plc, suede and fur when addressing grey items. If these intrepid materials are not to your taste, you could choose to play around with fine knits, chunky knits, jerseys, felts, meshes or leathers within the grey family. 

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Seen styled here on Kate Moss and on the Ralph Lauren F/W '14 catwalk.
Pink and grey seen styled on the Céline catwalk.


Tortoiseshell seems to be an obvious autumnal choice for me, as it's lucid mottles and warm tones emulate those of the natural world around us. There's a luxury that only comes attached to real tortoiseshell, however, it's replicated pretty well in some of the items below. The glossy, glazed finish adds dimension to any look, and can be uplifted from heavy, rich and aristocratic, to art-student-chic very easily. Take these chunky sandals as an excellent example. Paired with heavy framed sunglasses and a simple clutch, they pull a look together, leaving it dripping in liquid sheen of bronzed wealth. Feel free to look further afield, and have a play with porcelain, pvc, leather, lacquer, suede, plastic and exotics in this timeless manifestation of opulence and prosperity.


You can shop this look on my Polyvore

As seen:
  • Tory Burch (tortoiseshell trim bag) A/W 12
  • House of Holland (shoes) 13-14
  • Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten (glasses)

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Long ambles and clandestine evenings. 
Damp and visible breaths.
Silent and resplendent air.
Numbing fingers, yet having the feeling restored by a comforting take away coffee.

Autumn- my most cherished season, where layers are aplenty and peeling paint and damp, mossy window ledges frame everybody's view.


When having to rise in darkness, one yearns for the condolence of one's warm bed and blankets. 
Rid oneself of this longing, and begin to blanket dress.
Effortless (literally), easy (absolutely), stylish (of course) and pulled together (if you fancy.)
Nothing beats the nonchalance of a structured blanket, constructed from a rich fabric.

Here are a few outfits that I've pieced together.

Blanket dressing (ii)
There are many ways of blanket dressing, and there are many positives to it , aside from the obvious ease.
It's an easy way to play with colour, without letting it be too overpowering.
Despite the mature concept of a luxuriously made cape, it's fun element can be brought out with the help of some trainers. These Pierre Hardy fur-trim sneakers are the ultimate runway trainer. Alternatively, the look can be brought together with a sleek pair of chelsea boots.
When beginning with a simple canvas of basics and neutrals, the look is uplifted and appears to be more expensive, as well as giving you room to experiment with texture, shape and colour.

Blanket Dressing (i)
This form of blanket dressing, as demonstrated wonderfully by Stella McCartney could be regarded as being more subtle.
The drapery is still the main focus, but the cropped length can make teaming your 'blanket' outerwear with longer, winder skirts more flattering.
To elongate the legs and lengthen the silhouette, these simple heeled boots are ideal, and when paired with a small white bag and a synched-in waist, the 'blanket dressing' trend is made all the more feminine and flattering.

Blanket dressing (iii)
This is one of my favourite looks. The structure and simplicity of the items work meticulously together, to give an air of co-ordinating and luxury.
 This neutral grey blanket looks fabulous draped over a short jumper dress, and these thigh-high boots spell out "high fashion" pretty clearly.
 The minimal black bag and leather pouch add a wonderful quality. When styling neutrals, you become all the more aware of the fabrics and materials. A good material lifts the look up to the next level.
What is wonderful about this outfit is that despite it's boyish sense of disregard and undeniable luxurious quality, it is much more affordable than the previous outfits, with the alpaca  dress setting one back only £19.
blanket dressing (selection)
You can shop all of these blankets and looks on my Polyvore:@ronnieangelpope
High end // low end // casual // formal

Autumnal Days.

by ronnieangelpope 

Feel free to shop these looks on Polyvore (linked above).

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Essentials (i)

You can shop this look on my Polyvore, which is linked at the foot of the page.

When draped upon a cool soul, there's a certain nonchalance about fur. It seems to whisper glamour in a cigarette induced husky slur. Kate Moss and Carolina Thaler seem to carry it off admirably. For an off-duty edge, high waisted black trousers or jeans keep any outfit looking understated. Where chunky boots elongate the limbs, boyish slip-ons add a chic-aura. To warm up the look visually, gold rings can look great when paired with neutral shades of nail lacquer. To warm the look up physically, a warm through in a neutral shade wrapped high around the neck and shoulders is ideal. This Pantone carry-coffee cup is a marvellous way of taking your home-brewed coffee out with you- saving a good £3.50 in the process. Oversized sunglasses attribute to the off-duty ambience of the wearer.

Autumn Essentials (ii)
You can shop this look on my Polyvore, which is linked at the foot of the page.
When the wind is dancing and the leaves are falling, a high neck sweater seems to be a necessity. This grey one is both very versatile and also affordable, meaning that you'll be able to afford to buy more than one, making it an everyday piece. Again, blanket dressing is a big hit of the season. Despite not being a trend-dresser, the black blanket in a sumptuous fabric oozes quality and manages to pull a look together. Coupled with a small bag or clutch, an outfit look both easy and pulled together. This, is of course aided by the allure and attraction of Patsy-esque cat-eyed glasses. With the days becoming shorter and the dark creeping up on us, time pieces are more useful than ever. Crisp whites look bold in the autumn and winter, and look great on the wrist of a writer or sketcher. Take time to sit in coffee shops and note your whimsical observations in a leather-bound book.

Evening Antics.

It's damp underfoot and the leaves are withered. The clouds whisper nothing but hope to one another, and a determined sun is struggling. 

The autumn is at once both invigorating and comforting. Aided by home baked cookies and candles, a recipe for a delightfully serene evening is born.

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Polyvore: http://ronnieangelpope.polyvore.com

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Monday, 6 October 2014

The main thing that drew me towards SUJUU, aside from their luxurious fabrics and interesting drapery, was that at SUJUU, they believe that "Beauty shouldn't be achieved at the expense of others."

I can identify with this quote of theirs, and a style tip that I recommend is that nothing looks nearly half as pretty if you've had to stand on another's toes in order to get it. 
This is a concept that one can apply to almost anything- grades, pretty dresses, jobs and so on, and also- style success.

www.SUJUU.com have extremely high standards when it comes to working ethically, and support everyone from the silversmiths in South Africa, to the communities in the Tien Chan Mountains. 

In this post, I'll be showing a few was to incorporate SUJUU items into your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Firstly, I'll be using the Dark Grey Seed Silk as the basis to my outfit accessories.
As the scarf itself is made out of the lightest silk and hand infused with felt, it works almost as an all-season piece.
I played up the autumnal notion that we've been feeling lately, by styling it with warmth in mind.
To ground the look I've added minimal black accessories.
As the blue slate undertones compliment aurelian tones so well, these gold plated stacking rings and hammered bangles work well in their multiples.

Channeling the slightly borrowed-from-the-boys French, Marine Vacth style, I  thought that the White Silk and Black Felt striped scarf played up this look very well.
The sumptuous volume of the fall and drapery is offset with the structural elements of the coat and shoes.
To add an air of nonchalance, neutral scents would serve this look well, paired with the carelessness element of the timeless blue jean.

To shop the entire looks, head to my Polyvore.  @ronnieangelpope

Ciao for now,


Saturday, 4 October 2014

As of late, I've been really Anti-Fashion and very Pro-Style. 
Fashion hasn't really been doing much for me, and I'm not quite sure why.
If you look back at my past posts, you'll be able to see my penchant for developing a strong and well cultivated personal style. You can also read about my journey to minimalism and my personal influences.

Anyway, if some of you would care to join me on a style-strengthening journey, feel free to read on!

For what felt like an age, I stood before my own culmination of items and felt completely immobilised by the sheer volume of mis-matched fabrics staring at me. I knew that the only way that would work for me would be to start being firm on myself. Here are the steps that I took. Feel free to follow them.

  1. Make three piles: keep, maybe, bin/charity/sell.
  2. Once these piles are established and your wardrobe is bare, rifle through the 'maybe' pile and try and divide it between the 'stay' and 'go' piles.
  3. Focusing on your 'go' pile, divide this between 'bin' 'charity' and 'sell'. Unwearable items fit under 'bin' and wearable items fit under 'charity'. Any items that have only been once or twice, or  are a moneymaking opportunity fit under 'sell'. Put this money towards trips or clothes that fit well or that fit in with your new style. Alternatively, you could do what I did and spend it on coffee, gigs, books and wine.
  4. Now, look at your 'keep' pile. Divide this up into 's/s' and 'a/w'. For example, as it is autumn now, you can bag up your 's/s keep' clothes, and put them out of sight. I found that it was useful to list the contents of this bag, and cello tape the list to the bag, so that I knew what was in there, for future reference.
  5. By now, all you should be left with are your 'a/w keep' clothes. This is where the fun begins.
  6. This step is optional, but you could take this time to pay your final collection of items some attention. This means paying a visit to the washer or dry cleaners, or giving them a brush down, comb, press or iron. Generally, well cared for clothes look so much more luxurious and of a higher quality.
  7. Presentation and organisation are qualities that you may not necessarily value until you give them a try. Organise things by colour, or wearability, or length, or texture- get creative and make sure that it works for you.
  8. Lastly, repeat these steps, but substitute clothes for shoes and accessories. 
Carefully folded clothes can be stowed away in drawers,  accented by lavender bags and tissue paper to hold the shape.
How to decide?
Wearability isn't all about comfort- here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself:
  • How often will I reach for it?
  • Will somebody else wear it more than I do? (family, friends, charity.)
  • Does it fit in with my other clothes?
  • Is it timeless?
  • Does it fit with the season/ weather? (if not, how about putting it in your 's/s keep' bag?)
  • Do i have room for it?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
Where to go from there?
So, let's say that you've had your clear out, and your wardrobe looks satisfactory, but not yet sumptuous and full of the sort of items that you're lusting after. What next?
  • Consider making a list. This way, you'll know what you need to make the wardrobe your own.
  • Think about interchangeability. Do you have to basics? If you bought one staple item, would it unlock the door to countless interchangeable outfits? A white tee, a shirt, jeans, a simple blazer? staples are called staples for a reason.
  • Less is more. Quality not quantity. Uniform Dressing.  - keep these statements in mind.
A small portion of my collection of 'staple blazers'
Left to Right: Bespoke (made for me), Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Vintage. 

How to keep it this way?
Let's take it that you've got the items that you needed, and your wardrobe is now making your feel happy and fulfilled. How do you keep up the good work, and stop it from slipping?
  • Keep a wish-list. Quit impulse buying. Never buy anything that you haven't dwelled on for more than a month. This way, if you're still lusting after an item for 4 weeks, you know that you're serious about it.
  • Quite chain store shopping. All of those trips into town do nothing for your bank balance and everything can seem too tempting. Look online, look at boutique and vintage stores. This way, you're kept away from commercial temptation.
  • Look for quality. Remember that one item of great quality is worth 10 poorly made items.
  • Know that uniform dressing is cool. There will be a post on this topic soon.

I hope that this was of some interest to some of you.

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Perplexed and Confused. Despondent and Pessimistic.
These feelings come rushing through my head, in quick succession, one after another, when addressing the topic of "cult fashion".
Read on to find out why.

Cult fashion, to me, is quite simply a paradox. 
It is heavily involved in attaching people to one another, forming cliques and friendship groups.
Yet, it is ever so detached.
It is detached from every other aspect of society that has ever influenced street fashion; politics, music, high fashion, influential figures, culture.

Perplexed and Confused.
"Why?" you may ask.
Well, the look of cult fashion, (which I won't define, as it changes far too rapidly), seems to derive from nothing but the infamously clichéd and cringeworthy "common white girl." culture.
When considering this look- be it cutoff shorts or white jeans or crop tops or purple Topshop body con basics, it seems to have no connection to anything particularly important, other than the collections released into the local high street stores.

"Why?" I ask.
Why does one opt for this look, which they know that one day, they are more than likely to grow out of.

My advice?
Do some research. Develop your own style. 
You'll stand out more for it, you'll come across as more genuine.
Find an era, an icon, an artwork, a style of music, a manifesto, a space, an album sleeve.
Be inspired.

Despondent and Pessimistic.
"Why?" You may ask.
Honestly- I'm scared.
The thought that so many people strive to be the same instead of being different, to me, is such a worrying concept.

What do I wish for?
That everyone were to do their own thing, and knock nothing until they'd at least read about it, or listened about it, or better still- tried it.

There's a charity shop, or a market, or a boutique or something actually interesting not far from everybody.
Do something thrilling one day, and go there, instead of to the high street.

Be Interesting.
Let go of the skinny jeans that everyone owns, and the way that you pair it with that crop top that half the world has.

Switch it up, find yourself, learn about a culture that you love, create something of your own and be fascinating.

Here's my style post: http://www.thestylehedonist.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/personal-style.html?m=1

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Autumn Editions.

Early mornings of greying grass concealed by thin veils of silver frost.
Hazy beams of sunlight obscured by the Aurelian remnants on the otherwise bare branches.
The unfathomably warm aroma of pine needles and trodden-on damp leaves.

As the nights get longer, ernest interiors, boasting the same clarity as your white-washed summer minimalist rooms become the "things of the season." Warmth is valued, texture is key and subtle, warm tones come into their element.

This season, I'll be looking at ways of applying a minimalist approach to my Autumn/Winter interior re-shuffle.

This purchase from Eleanor Pritchard at Hauser & Wirth is everything one could wish for.
Lavish quality, classic finishing and all with the simplicity of neutral colours and a geometric edge.

The transition from lighter cotton to brushed cotton signifies the beginning of Autumn just as clearly as the shortened days.
Envelope oneself  in comfort and uncomplicated simplicity.
One has the chance to play around with gestures of autumnal colour and texture here, too.     

1) http://www.thewhitecompany.com/bedroom/bed-linen/logan-bed-linen-collection--white/?component=LOGAN-DV £75

2) http://www.orlakiely.com/uk.cfm/house/bed/Tiny_Stem_Jacquard/_/ £90

Candles and Lighting
Often, spaces shrink into sullen looking things when the weather is grey. 
To me, a happy space is a space that is lit with a multitude of candles in neutral vanilla shades.
Plain or intricately carved, scented or for the glow alone- there is something significantly homely about a faint flicker.

Vintage Cows and Market Stall Candle.
Found Chair and Assortment of glass jars.

Quilting, crochet, leather, fur, flannel, wood, wool- the list goes on and on. 
Texture adds a certain substance to a room.
In order to certify that a space doesn't possess a "dull feeling" or a "sense of nothingness or emptiness.", one has the option to bulk up a room with a variety of textures- for a tactile and softer, more interesting finish.

Cowhide on white-washed bare floorboards

Sheepskin on leather

Most coveted piece? Peace of mind.

Ciao for now,

Ronnie x

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