11 April 2014

I've decided to make these school outfits into regular post material- so I hope they interest you.
American Apparel is one of my favourite high street brands, as their quality and ethics are of great standards. I love how simplistic their pieces are, and are so workable.
The school skirt fits in a very flattering way- clenching the waist, and falling smartly. I find that nobody caters for small waists any better than AA!
Although coming up navy on camera, I've kept with the black palette, and opted for this boyfriend style coat from Mango, which plays with proportions and works in contrast to the defined waist. I feel that it adds a 'Ronnie' feel to the outfit, and keeps it androgynous yet elegant.
This backpack/rucksack is so wonderful, and my default spring/summer bag for school. As it's nylon, it's easy to wash- which is excellent as the bag is an extremely pretty pastel shade, which does show daily wear after a while. However, after each wash, it comes out looking as good as new.
I've kept my hair down, and makeup minimal as per usual.
This is an easy look if trousers aren't your thing, and this skirt gets a lot of complements, for the quality shows through when worn.
What can I say? American Apparel is worth every penny when it comes to school wear, and is the source of many of my 'grab and get out fast' pieces.
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9 April 2014


It's easy to over confine to the rules, and have the expression of your own style oppressed at school. This doesn't go to say that breaking the rules at school is the way to go- as it most certainly isn't. However, there are many ways to express yourself, whilst remaining smart, without disobeying the rules.
I adore having a black uniform to work with, as I find it to be flattering and simple- a great base to build upon!
However, I'm definitely an "all black" girl, from time to time- so I've been loving this ensemble for school. It's simple, easy and smart, yet not boring, and too un-chic for school.
The trousers are nicely tailored, and add an androgynous-cool vibe. I kept the ankles bare, yet wore nude stockings for practicality, however, I think that bare ankles pull together a look, and keep the elegance. 
As of late, I've been "Anna-Wintouring" my coats- wearing them shrugged over my shoulders, and I feel like this coat has a nice semi-loose structure to it, which is so easy and multi-functional. 
My bag is pretty much just for practicality, however, I enjoy wearing it just from day to day as well.
As my coat slightly plays with proportions, I like to keep my legs defined by adding a belt, for convenience as much as style.
As for hair and makeup, it's all very minimal effort. I'm wearing a little concealer and mascara (as there's a no-makeup policy in my school), and my hair is a rather "lived in" bun. Both hair and makeup together take plenty under 10 minutes worth of my time in the morning!

As I previously mentioned, I enjoy experimenting with different looks, yet keeping it subtle- with coats/jackets, handbags/backpacks, skirts/trousers, and simple hair styles and so on.

I may keep a regular account of these school looks, and post them when complete!

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6 April 2014


Revision is proving to be arduous, and it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day, however, I'm a true believer in having a healthy balance between 'work' and 'play', so it was a pleasure to meet up with a very dear friend for breakfast this morning.

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I've opted for a rather classic palette of predominantly camel, black and white- neutrals, for this look today, as they're really simple, yet help a look feel pulled together.
I have played down my rings and bags because of the large necklace, which honestly makes me feel like I'm carrying around a second head! Despite this, I'm ever so in love with it because of its 'wow' factor. 

Funny story- I wore it into the Chanel Flagship store on New Bond street a couple weeks back (checking out the new A/W '14/'15 collection) and not one, but TWO members of staff thought that my necklace belonged to that very new collection! I'm not sure whether that's a great sign in an actual Chanel employee, but nevertheless, it made me smile!

To avoid looking *too* dressed up, I'm wearing this chunky sandals, which add more of a contemporary and street-style undertone to an essentially prim-and-proper look.

All in all, I think it's pretty classic, and each piece is a great staple!

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1 April 2014

Hello there everyone,
I was lucky enough to be photographed by the ever so kind Dvora, for www.vogue.co.uk two weeks ago, and have been put into the March 2014 category, under the 'Street Chic' heading.
Pictured here on St. George Street, Mayfair (W2), London, I'm wearing a 'neoprene' textured black River Island skirt, a vintage bespoke camel coat, a vintage camel cashmere polo-neck jumper, vintage 'patsy stone' dark cat eye sunglasses and Bertie monk shoes, with a Zara bag.
On my lunch break at an exclusive Savile Row Tailors(my then place of work), I had the pleasure of meeting Dvora, and having her photograph me whilst I was out taking notes, and making observations for new pieces of writing.

I will link as many items as possible (dupes/similar styles if exact match cannot be found!)

Be sure to check out Dvora's street style blog; http://fashionistable.blogspot.co.uk/

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21 March 2014


1. Oldest Item- Knitted Wool Sweater/ Jumper.
My Grandmother knitted this for me when I was about 7 years old, as a jumper-dress, but now, it fits as a baggy, slightly bat-winged cropped sweater. With love and age, the knit has loosened, and the wool has worn thinner, leaving it the perfect weight for A/W or UK spring wear! I've been wearing it ever since I received it, until this day, and am just in love with its versatility.

2. Newest Item-  Bespoke red silk trousers.
I got these last week, and fell in love with them the minute that I saw them. They fit like a glove, and are 100% silk. They're specifically non-lined, which makes them the ideal spring/summer trouser. The colour is so intense and vibrant, and the sheen-like finish makes it pop even more. They have a real Edina Monsoon feel to them! The oriental style fastenings on the slits above the angle keep them from looking to mundane, as little details like these add to the magic of bespoke-  allowing a unique edge to my personal favourite style, fit and length of trouser.

3. Most Expensive Item- Mink Fur Coat.
I know how controversial fur can be, but I think the explanation as to why I bought this coat is another post/issue. I found this coat to be perfect during those dry winter days, and it keeps a cosy look chic. It immediately adds what I see as wealth, rich texture and instant, effortless, glamour to a look- be it a smart LBD with pearls, or boyfriend jeans and loafers.

4. Biggest 'Bang for my Buck'.- New Look Heels
I was thinking of answering this question in terms of 'pounds per wear', so which item have a worn the most, and pay least for each wear. I came to conclusion that it must be these shoes, which I've absolutely worn to death! I've enjoyed pairing them with all sorts of both casual and more formal outfits. I find that they instantly pull a look together, and have had fun experimenting with them. Picking them up unexpectedly last summer, for no more that £8 in the sale, I have played around with the soles, painting them green, blue, gold, silver and red, for a pop of individual colour. The red is starting to chip now, so I'm looking forward to switching up again!

5. Biggest Bargain. - Vera Wang Slip/Nighty/Dress
Seeing this in a vintage boutique online, I could not leave it, as I payed all but £11 for this item! Walking back past the Vera Wang store in Mayfair everyday after working last week, I earned for a little piece of Vera of my own. I slip is perfect for me, as it's definitely getting its wear, and it's a really good quality, luxurious piece, which makes you feel great!

6. Item that everyone hates, but you love. - H&M Vinyl Skirt
This item is rather in your face, despite its muted tone, but that's partly why I love it so much! I think it's adorable, as the way that it moves is great, and it feels unique, one of a kind and more expensive and costly than it was! The only annoyance is that it creases easily, so doesn't travel well, but hey? That's fashion for you!

7.  Three Favourite Items- 
1.  I love this handmade skirt, found on eBay not long ago, as the print is so bright, and the twill fabric is great quality. It's simple, easy, and a modest piece. Although the print is eye catching by itself, I'm finding it to be versatile. Yellow isn't a colour that is in my wardrobe very often, but I was drawn to this piece for its summery happiness, which is worthy of being worn in all 4 seasons.
2.   Mens Levi 501's. Never, ever have I had an easier, more versatile, more classic, edgy, yet wearable item. There's only so much that can be said about these. I adore them, and the subtle 'Stones crotch patch only makes them even more wonderful, in my humble opinion!
3.   Vintage Camel Cashmere Poloneck. I've been wearing this item so much, I'm surprised that it hasn't started to de-compose. I'm loving camel lately, as it's so elegant, chic, and classic. This piece is a staple, and is very at home in my wardrobe!

19 March 2014

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A while back, I was lucky enough to be a recipient of this coat from www.romwe.com , which is a 'style from the street' website, which stores a vast multitude of frequently updated fashion items- from floor length skirts, to flamboyant dresses, to minimalistic shoes and accessories. 
There are two reasons as to why it has taken me so long to upload this clip;
1) This is my new sharing platform, and the only one of which     that I'd consider fitting to house this video/ host this post.
2) I'd received this coat in the winter, and as a UK citizen, I have first hand experience of the colder, frosty winter, and thought that (for me, at least) this coat was for the milder months of the dewy (but still chilly) spring.
I feel like this coat is extremely versatile, and the fact that it's black, as well as it's practical length attributes to this.
I'm not usually one to opt for pleather of faux leather, but when receiving this coat, I was pleasantly surprise by it's realistic finish, which has a consistent grain and doesn't give itself away as 'fake' or 'cheap' with that telltale shiny finish, which many PU items have.
I'll be wearing this item throughout the spring, and I'm excited to see what I can do with it.
As you can tell by the lack of jewelry, I quickly threw together this outfit, and it's extremely casual. I'd wear this out grocery/food shopping, or running errands, for example!
Being one of the many bloggers to have gotten this item through the mail, I'd seen it all over the social media, and had seen it styled up, with dresses, heels and mounds of accessories, therefor, I opted to an easy, informal, everyday look, which is simple, attainable and pretty effortless.
The boxy shape of this garment has a chic androgynous feel to it, which I played up with high waisted (very small) mens Levi's and chunky sandals. To add a bit of femininity to the look, I kept my hair looking wispy in the front, and added fishnet stockings. 
As I'd mentioned above, this look is casual, and makeup wise, I am wearing all but a lick of Liz Earl Lash Defining Mascara, and a tiny amount of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

I hope you're all well, and are enjoying the dawn chorus that we've had in these recent mornings.

Ciao for now,


p.s. Absolutely all rights to Andras Fox for the music in this video, which is the wonderful:
Andras Fox - Erskine Falls

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