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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Kate Moss, Jeans, Underwear, The 90's-
 these are amongst the few most common symbols of the brand, and so, you could imagine how surprised I was to see that there was no particular emphasis on any of the listed elements in this season's collection.
Admittedly, I never really look to Calvin Klein for inspiration, as I never feel that they have the "force you to look twice" factor that I find oh so appealing. However, this season really caught my eye, and I'm still struggling to work out why.
After too much time spent contemplating, I've made the following short list:
1) there was simply more press and blogger and social media coverage, which made the show unavoidable. 
2) my personal tastes are more enticed by Calvin Klein, as of late.
3) the brand has managed to create an exquisite collection this season, which has drawn in a whole new audience, of which I am part of. 

Either way- what a captivating and wearable, buyable collection.

The key pieces and aspects that caught my eye were:

The shoes

The perfect amalgamation of minimalism and statement. Everything from the height, to the comforting platform. The selection of monochromic colours and the little metallic and Perspex accents add a moderate unconventional touch to the creation. Something tells me that they will be a huge sellout, and a great inspiration to the high street stores. How can one deny one'a love for these- the temptation to order a pair of each kind is synod imaginable.

The Texture

Leather and Mesh are not often seen together, but, this collection has me asking "why?". Calvin Klein has taken a sporty, everyday, less sleazy and more current approach to "leather and lace", bringing a new wave of texture mixing. This lightweight combination creates the light effect of layering, carried through to the summer months.

The Colour Palette

It was the colour palette that made this a 'capsule' collection. Versatile and interchangeable. The shades of navy and bold red enticed and coaxed monochomic-freaks like myself out of our white-washed caves. I found the idea of classically 'trashy' Americana colours being transformed into shapes and silhouettes that boasted the classical-chic elements of your average Parisian collection. Clever, simple, but never to be overlooked- something I never thought that I'd like.
 The Silhouette 

I feel as if three of the most flattering elements came together in this look:
Tall shoes, flowing fabrics and thin waist-cinching belts.
Of course, the models never fail to look beautiful, but this silhouette automatically elongates the legs and slims the waist, in a flattering manner. The coats play on proportion, and the mesh creates a "false-length" - lengthening the garment without covering too much skin, which keeps the look demure yet fresh.  

The Faces
The reason why I think that so many high street stores will draw inspiration from this collection is because it was presented as a "wearable" take on high end fashion. The makeup doesn't seem to be compromising for anything, and having the hair slicked back adds to the modern twist on elegance. Everything is muted, down-played and fresh, which is just what everyone can appreciate in the warmer months.

Collectively, I believe that this collection is one that I'll keep re-visiting and referring to.
A great success by Calvin Klein, in my opinion!

Ciao for now-

R x

*credit to the rightful owners of the photographs. x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wish List Wednesday.

Personally, I find it tricky not to lust after something- be it a place, an item or whatever. This Wednesday, I'll be showing you the things on my current minimalist Wish List, which lead us into the Autumn/Fall season.

In no particular order:
Diptyque Candles
Regular: £40 at Harrods
Mini: £20 at Selfridges

Firstly, I've been eyeing up diptyque candles for well over a couple years now (when Rumi Neely  posted about them on Fashion Toast.) Unfortunately, the price tag is rather large for that belonging to a very 'mini' candle. However, my father taught me that Mimosa is the flower of International Women's Day, and has such a pleasant smell that reminds me of the florist's stall in Mayfair.
Pierre Hardy Fur-Trim Sneakers
£695 at Barney's.
Before anybody tries telling me that these are utterly 'unwearable'', I suppose I ought to remind you that you're talking to the girl who wears her Celine fur lined sandals almost daily! These are such a fun, high fashion take on the casual sports luxe trainer, and would be such fun to incorporate into a closet full of clean lines. For me- the texture of fur just adds luxurious volume to any otherwise simple outfit! The price is asking a little much, however, my black and white Warhol Nike '82 Pegasus' simple don't have the same 'wow' factor!

UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino Polo Neck Sweater
£20 at UNIQLO.com
I've got an amounting collection of perfect beatnik sweaters, but there's something more modern about this white one. Quality is a huge factor for me, as I really appreciate garments that feel 'special' in one way or another. This seems like simply a bargain, a staple and a necessity. I think that it would look much more expensive when worn as well, which is always a positive.
Zara High Neck Sweater
£45.99 at Zara UK
Many a time have I seen this sweater in store. Folded and hung, it just looks like such a quality item- easily to the standards of Acne or Wang. It is a staple, which can be styled up or styled down. I like that the cropped sleeves add a structural element to an otherwise 'standard' item. There's a definite Francoise Hardy rocker chic element to the styling here as well, which completely has me sold. Reel in the Patti Smith and Lou Doillon style references and that's it- I'm in!
Voss Water 800ml
Around £8 for a few on Amazon or eBay
The only problem that I've encountered when attempting to purchase one of these is that they sell out quickly, when looking for individual bottles. They can be easily overpriced as well, but if you can find a safe deal- I think that these are very classic and sleek bottles. From what I've heard- there's nothing too special about the water itself, but if you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing to re-use everyday, why shouldn't it be this gorgeous and functional?
Zara Turtleneck Gilet With Slits
£45.99 at Zara
If it isn't already obvious- I'm totally adoring this season's knitwear from Zara. All of the pieces seem to drape well on me, and they have a timeless, slightly androgynous, architectural feel to them. I'm not a huge wearer of colour, but I think that this warm-dark hue is very wearable and chic. It's not garish at all. I'm finding it impossible to steer myself away from the beautifully oversized high turtlenecks, or the asymmetric proportions, but I feel that each of the knitwear pieces, including this one, could be layered as well. Not only this, but they could easily be sold for so much more than a mere £45.99 and passed off as Acne or The Row.

So, there it is- my autumn Wish List. Stay tuned for a Winter version. Let me know what's on your Wish List!

Ciao for Now,

R x

 (instagram: @_rxnnie)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Polyvore: @ronnieangelpope
Polyvore: @ronnieangelpope

My style has developed and changed rapidly over a short period of time. I've experimented with rock-chic to 70's glam rock, to all white to beatnik- all in an attempt to discover my own niche. Finally, I think I've found it. 

Here, my style is summed up in a few words and references. I find that making 'inspo' lists like these can help me develop a very personal, very strong, individual and well cultivated look- with interesting reasonings and inspirational figures and phrases behind it:

Acne studios
New York
Lou Reed 
The velvet underground
The factory
Fred Astaire
Off duty 
Ciao for Now! 

R x 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Journey to Minimalism.

{Greenery Buying}

{polyvore set @ronnieangelpope}

{view from below- paint swatches on white and simple monochromic harmonicas}

{desk/work setting}

{succulents and magazines}

{@imaginarysilhouettes }


As time trickled by, I had utterly convinced myself that 'stuff' was the root of all problems. It made me feel heavy and bogged down just looking around me. So, cue what one could call, a moment of epiphany. I knew what I wanted = less. Less complications, less clutter, less confusions and distractions. And more. More time, more focus, more close relationships and mostly- more of a comfortable and peaceful mindset.
Only one problem stood in my way, and this was the fact that I knew of my goals, but just not how to obtain them. However, this problem could be easily solved by researching, planning and my preferred method - making lists. So, here's a compilation points that helped me on my way:

1. Other People's Stories.
     I stumbled across this Ted Talk (The Minimalists), which got some cogs in my brain moving in the right direction, yet I needed to make this more personal. I routed around on other video platforms such as YouTube to gather further information on how to transition swiftly. If needs be, you can watch the epitome of sudden, unplanned, hilarious conversion with Edina Monsoon in this AbFab episode.

2. Social Media Inspiration.
     In this day and age, social media is unavoidable. Instagram accounts such as those listed here below, motivated me to work on the aesthetics in my space. Social media can connect you with endless sources of inspiration from one hashtag alone, so it's definately worth trawling Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest for plenty of minimalist "eye candy". Some of my favourite accounts for inspiration include:
@mersacee and @imaginarysilhouettes
@love_aesthetics and @fredrikkewaerens
@charliemay and @ageofminimalism and@joycecroonen

3. Polyvore
    In my humble opinion, Polyvore is the place to be when planning anything from an event to an outfit to a space. This way, you can not only see everything together, but the monochromic interface is pleasant enough on it's own. It's useful, adictive and certainly worth a go. You can follow me at @ronnieangelpope for inspiration on this platform.

4. Schedule
    My transition from my past, regular way of living, to living in a minimalist way, was definetely not an over-night job. Not only does turning minimalist involve de-cluttering physical space, but also mental space and techonological space too. Take time to go through your files, hard drives, people you follow, notes that you've made and so on. It will take a little longer than expected, I suspect, however, it is totally worth it. Don't be fatal, but be firm!

5. Be cultural
   Once my preparation was done, and I'd gotten rid of a LOT, I found that storage space was a problem. Leaving tons of mis-matched objects on the shelf no longer looked homey and kitsch, but rather eclectic in the worst of ways. I found that large white cadboard boxes and IKEA draweers saved the day. I certainly learnt that it's not just about the outside of the containers, but the inside too, when I decided to use clear perspex on my desk to store stationary and the like. Here are a few stores that I payed a visit to, and recomend that you do to:

  • The White Company
  • Muji
  • Tiger
  • Ikea
  • Habitat
  • and any Bauhaus related furniture (p.s. I will have post on Bauhaus up soon.)

As a whole, I recommend German or Scandinavian designs when looking into minimalism- for functional and simple, clean lines and so on.

Once I'd done my research, and had my clear out over a period of about 4 days, I was left with a pretty "gutted out" white box of a room. I had simple white washed walls, cabinets, drawers, a 'sofa chair', and desk. I worked on certain aspects of my room to personalize it, but keep it looking sleek and smart and simple.

For example, I filed away my many books (put some in drawers, and some in large, white cardboard boxes). This was a great move- as I found that it reduced the appearance of needless "colourful clutter". As an avid reader myself, however, I felt that this was almost a form of mild torture, so I resorted to moving some of my favourite, most-reached-for and aesthetically pleasing books out, onto shelves and so on. I stacked these horizontally, and perched simple glass candles and cacti on them.

Another decision I made was to sort my school things. I kept stationary in perspex pots and containers, which looked sort of edgy and interesting. This forced me to clear out my many duplicate coloured crayola pencils, and so on- I had much less stationary, but, what I did have left was of a much better quality! Using white files that are super cheap from Ikea was very useful, as was labeling them, for storing old/new school books and notebooks. Finally- with school and work, I placed my iMac on my desk, and used lovely vintage German Art Magazines as mouse mats. Not only do these look great, but I also enjoy leaving out my more wonderful looking magazines, as a treat to read, or to flick through for instant inspiration. I recommend: Gup, Acne Paper, Oh Comely, Frieze, Cereal, Kunst+Unterricht and Openhouse.

Lastly: To improve the dynamics of any minimalist space: clarity of the mind is vital. I accentuated my room with greenery such as Cacti, Succulents and Ferns. These add life and subtle colour to the room: plus, there's something lovely about having living plants in your room, which last longer than your typical fresh flowers. Also, need I mention, that white bedding is a must: you will never sleep better than when in between nice sheets, I'm sure, so it's great to be able to switch it up with throws and blankets and so forth.

I hope that this post came in handy. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm thinking of posting more interior orientated pieces.

Ciao for now,

R x
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